Academic Director's Message

Assalamu Alaikum WaRahmathullahi WaBarakatuh,

Alhamdulillah, I am honoured to pen this message on this wonderful occasion of Al-Fajr stepping into its 9th year of educational service. I am happy to welcome you all to the family of Al-Fajr.

Education in the present milieu, is challenging and it is our responsibility to work together to surmount that challenge.

At AFIS, we envisage an outstanding curriculum that benefits the children towards both Duniya and Aakhira. It is quite important to analyse the negative impact of the social and technological changes on the student world. Insha'Allah, working together will surely help us to defeat that impact and function in a beneficial manner.

We strive to maintain high quality of standards in our academic practices through external assessment like PLSC exams being conducted for Grade 5 and Grade 8 learners. Academic Excellence' is what we believe in with respect to the quality of education.

Our dedicated team of teachers ensure practical application of the theories being learnt by the students. Dissemination of knowledge in this manner, improves creativity, ideas and builds strong concepts in students which will help them to grow holistically.

Extra-curricular activities will play a vital role towards engaging students in physical activities that include cricket, football, basketball and karate classes.

As mentioned in AFIS vision statement, we foster the younger generation with real values of faith to make them pious and serve our Ummah to the best of their ability.

On behalf of management, teaching and non -teaching staff, I take this opportunity to once again welcome you all to Al-Fajr family.

May Allahu Azzawajal guide us on the right path in all our endeavours! Aameen..


Ummar Sheriff
(Academic Director)