Why International GCSE?

Why International General Certificate of Secondary Education curriculum (IGCSE)?

IGCSE stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. This mean the curriculum that you would accept for your child would definitely match to that of International standards, one which is globally accepted and approved. IGCSE Education is becoming more and more popular among parents nowadays. The reason behind this is the global approval and recognition that the IGCSE education gets. This article helps parents to understand more about IGCSE education, its concept as well as importance for students.

Purpose of IGCSE

The purpose of IGCSE is to produce global citizens. The IGCSE curriculum is more challenging, but the challenge is in the quality of assignments, not in the quantity of the assignments.

Importance of IGCSE Education for kids

With so many boards and curriculum pattern coming up every single day, parents are really confused with where and which board to opt for. With many parents preferring the same old, conventional board which suits them and their kids, few go out and explore what is better or simply best for their kid and his future. Other than Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Higher Secondary Certification (HSC) which continued to dominate education for quite some time, sprouted ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) and CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). But now with IGCSE too is emerging, it had become very popular among parents nowadays. IGCSE courses are renowned for developing vital educational skills, including recall of knowledge, oral skills, problem solving, initiative team work and investigative skills.

Advantages of IGCSE

  • The IGCSE programme is more practical and application-based.
  • It has a broader spectrum of subjects that lead to all-round development.
  • IGCSE examinations test students' knowledge, not their memory and speed.
  • The focus of the IG pedagogy is on 'how to learn' rather than 'what to learn'.

The IGCSE has always emphasized adding value within a national context whilst also contributing to international level. The development focus is to safeguard distinctive cultural identity through specific language and literature syllabi, for example; or to include study of regional geography or history, whilst also encouraging an international outlook. Thus, the importance of an appropriate mix of global and local contexts is well recognized as an essential dimension of IGCSE.

Concept of IGCSE Education

If one needs to know how beneficial IGCSE pattern would be for a child then one thing is goes without saying that the pattern and curriculum is beyond par. Since the curriculum is accepted and matches global standards one can expect a great credibility. The other benefits of IGCSE pattern include:

  • World wide acceptance and status.
  • IGCSE Science will help the students to develop scientific abilities and skills relevant to the study of science which will be of use in everyday life. Students will gain an awareness of the study and practice of science and will understand that scientific applications have both beneficial and detrimental effects on the individual and the environment.
  • Balanced education full of international standards.
  • Recognized by most of the educational institutions all over the world.
  • Known to develop and encourage a child's educational skill, problem solving strategy, investigative skills, interests and overall development.
  • The examination board Edexcel offers its own version, the Edexcel IGCSE.

Al-Fajr International School – Chennai, offers unique learning experiences which targets whole brain development. Al-Fajr International School is a registered centre with Edexcel International London Examinaions for O, AS and A Level Examinations. For more information please visit www.edexcel.com

Certificate Acceptance:

Edexcel is one of the 5 boards by the government of UK to offer IGCSE’s and GCE’s in state funded schools in the UK. Edexcel is one of the approved boards and an associate member of COBSE (council of boards of school education in India), please refer www.cobse.org/associates1.htm

Students following the IGCSE pattern can always compete and appear for competitive examinations conducted by colleges affiliated to all premier universities not only in India but also in the universities across the world. The Association of Indian Universities has also recognized Edexcel conducted examinations IGCSE, AS and A Levels. Migration to Indian Boards permitted (if a student has appeared Edexcel Board Exam).

Edexcel, formerly known as London Examination is the largest awarding body in the UK of academic and vocational qualifications. Formed over 100 years ago by a royal charter, the Edexcel board is respected across the world as an advocate of quality education standards. Edexcel board which is present in over 110 countries worldwide offers the IGCSE and GCE AS & A level qualifications for

The IGCSE assessments are however conducted only by UK approved assessment boards in which Edexcel is one of the 5 boards by the government of UK to offer IGCSE pattern in UK. The assessment that are conducted by IGCSE Schools are not just written but include variety of tests like oral tests or even grading based on overall achievement. A practical approach is what one can find in this pattern. The grades are allocated to students based on their overall performance and they may vary from A*, A to U, where A* is considered to be extraordinary performance and U would be the worst performance.