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AFIS (Al-Fajr International School) is a state of the art school that offers a curriculum developed by Edexcel (UK). It is run under the effective management of (PERF) Professional Education & Research Foundation.

The school prepares students from the primary classes up to the IGCSE and A level examinations through Personalized Learning Design experiences. Accreditation from Edexcel gives us the advantage of having access to the best international resources for teaching and preparing students for exams.

The school is fully equipped with activity based education. The Computer Lab, Junior Resources Lab, Physics, Chemistry & Biology lab, Audio-Visual room, a well stocked library and a student activity room are some of the facilities offered to the students of AFIS to enrich their curriculum.

Voted OUTSTANDING by our local education authority

Why International GCSE?

IGCSE stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. This mean the curriculum that you would accept for your child would definitely match to that of International standards, one which is globally accepted and approved. IGCSE Education is becoming more and more popular among parents nowadays. The reason behind this is the global approval and recognition that the IGCSE education gets. This article helps parents to understand more about IGCSE education, its concept as well as importance for students.

AL-Fajr has computer laboratories featuring over hundreds of computer systems. The computers in the CBSE lab have been upgraded with appropriate software to enable students of classes XI and XII to compile and run programs in Java with net beans and C++ along with Flash-8 applications as per the syllabus. The Senior, Junior and Sub-Junior Computer Labs, on the other hand,enable students to, Corel Draw, Java, Adobe Flash, Kid pix, Logo, Paintbrush, MS-Office, etc.

Your Pathway for Global Education

Your Children

AL-FAJR International School implements global best practices to develop every student's Talent, Creativity and Communication.

We also guide them by instilling Indian ancient Values, teaching essential Life Skills and developing habits ensuring complete Wellness (body, mind and soul) in life.

  • Compete with Self.
  • Practical Learning Approach.
  • Academic Research and Quality Cell.

Individual Focus

We believe in identifying and nurturing the individual potential of each child and helping them be the first and only one of their unique kind rather than a factory-like approach where each child is considered to be same.

Self Learning

When a child learns to live a life rather than just passing an examination it is then that his learning becomes actually meaningful. When the desire to learn comes from within through spontaneous curiosity and internal drive then no external force is required as learning becomes a lifelong natural habit.

Best Global Practices

We study the best global practices in education that are tried, tested and validated over time and use the ones that are most suitable for our children and their environment. We don’t believe in the age-old method that have collected rust yet used religiously in most traditional settings. We believe learning is dynamic therefore we adopt and adapt as the requirements change.


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