KG Curriculum


Kindergarten at AFIS is your child’s first step into the world of knowledge and discovery. Al-Fajr nursery is an educational program designed for young children to prepare them for school. Your child’s ability to think, use and recognize language are augmented by a carefully planned syllabus which enhances these skills whilst fostering his/her social and emotional development. Art work, play activities and interaction with others enhance the fine motor skills while our exclusive Islamic curriculum incorporating Islamic belief and practices lay the foundation for a sound Islamic personality from the word go.

The tiny tots are also taught basic Arabic and memorization of surahs. Learning dua’as will be a fun filled experience for your little one as he/she starts practising them from a tender age. A good start at learning will make your child smarter and successful in life later Insha Allah. Added to this our field trips will elevate your child’s practical knowledge. Al–Fajr Nursery is your child’s stepping stone towards happy schooling.