1. What is the procedure to join our school ?

Please click the link to view Admission roadmap

  1. How is your class and campus?

We function from a well managed facility at Perungudi. Please click here for our introductory videos.

  1. How is the infrastructure of your institution? Do you allow to take a floor walk of class-rooms?

Yes, you are more than welcome to visit our Campus and our Admin team will take you for a campus walk. 

  1. Whether transport will be provided?

           Yes, transport will be provided at an extra cost

  1. How much is the fee?

           Please click here to view the Fee details.

  1. In how many instalments Annual School fee has to be paid?

         i) Other Fees, Uniform fees shall be paid within March 31st.

ii)Annual Tuition Fee shall be paid in 3 convenient terms in May,                Aug & Dec

  1. Is scholarship available ?

          Our Fees are already customized to be affordable. However,

Subject to availability of Corpus funds the third term fees shall be granted.

  1. How about faculties? Are they both males & females ?

          We have staff of both genders of all faiths.

  1. What are the major subjects in CBSE ?

Major subjects in CBSE are English, Maths, Science, Social science. Additionally we have ICT & Language.

  1. What do you mean by Value Education?

Value Education is a package consisting of Islamic studies, Arabic, Behavioral and moral subjects with which the child is brought up with. It is also part of our Vision & Mission. For people of other faith we teach Environment studies, Moral education, Soft skills appropriate to the age of students.

  1. Any special coaching for competitive exams?  

We are in tie-up with external training agency who will be coaching & grooming students. Fee details will be provided when you approach us for details.