Science Clubs

Science Clubs

The Science Club at AFIS is primarily established to bring like-minded people together under one hub. The central purpose of the club is to kindle scientific interest among students wherein they comprehend the theories of science in a fun and relaxed manner. The mentors along with the small group of students navigate their way through difficult science beliefs in a fun and engaging manner wherein the students are bound to understand the lesson effectively. The mentors periodically hold science fairs wherein students participate with their own ideas showcasing their talent unleashing the scientist in them. Just like all the other clubs, Science Club also brings students from various classes under one shelter wherein they meet new students and make new friends with like-minded people.

Why Science Club?

“Education is a weapon through which you change the world” is what Nelson Mandela told the people of the world.

Hence, it goes without saying this weapon should be given in a precise manner so that the students understand when and where to use it. This weapon keeps evolving as we keep growing and with every new day you discover something new. Education is the only means through which you can stand up for what is right and support it with your heart and soul and at the same time remain practical.

We at AFIS strongly acknowledge that Education is vital but at the same time, we believe that one must learn new things and sate his/her curiosity We focus not only on teaching our pupils academics but also establish a space where they can evolve and develop. We kindle their curiosity, urge and motivate them to attempt new things regardless of the result. The right place to experience all this is the Science Club. Science Club is just the niche for all the eager minds who constantly want to try and experiment with new things. There are many ways in which a regular Science class is different from this special and unique Science Club.

In a class, a teacher cannot always cater to the needs of all the students though a teacher’s primary aim is to give their maximum attention to each and every student. In a classroom, you do what you’re asked to do. But, in a Science Club, you are given the liberty to experiment and innovate. It is a student’s safe space to discover and unleash interesting scientific facts and theories. The best part is that the happenings in the club are always informal. It is a learning space for the students and even the mentors. Therefore, the atmosphere is always friendly and interactive.

Objectives of Science Club

  • To help the students keep up to date with the contemporary advances in Science.
  • To create a space for like-minded and inquisitive pupils where they can discover new ideas and opportunities.
  • To enhance the relationship between students from different classes. To help the students come out of their shells and make new friends.
  • To hear the ideas of the students. To help them evolve and help them throughout.
  • To conduct programmes and seminars where the students come out with their own ideas and discoveries.
  • To deconstruct theories like Big Bang Theory, Theory of Evolution, Kinetic Theory and Quantum Field theory in the easiest manner and understanding things in a fun way.
  • To inculcate scientific attitude amongst students.

Activities of Science Club

  • Visiting places to enhance their knowledge and understanding of concepts.
  • Helping the students participate in science fairs that are conducted in other schools and colleges.
  • To keep the club lively by posting science-related news and having a separate board to pin important events, drafting schedules and also post interesting scientific anecdotes.
  • Preparing models and other fun stuff to make others easily comprehend the concepts of science.
  • Holding a fun workshop occasionally wherein the students create and experiment with new kinds of stuff and come with new and exciting ideas of their own.