14+ Successful Years

With more than a decade of experience in imparting High Quality Education to our learners, our motto is to create a society of socially, ethically & morally responsible individuals, who possess the values of sharing & caring for the humanity. We would like to nurture a set of youngsters who realise the true purpose of Education by contributing back to the society in as many ways possible.

Skilled Facilitators

We address our teachers as facilitators as they facilitate the learning process of our students through application-oriented teaching, making the classes lively and interactive. Our academic team strives to send out a young generation who would make a positive impact on the society with high academic standards with complete ethics and integrity.


Books are the windows to the world. They are a veritable treasure trove of knowledge and information which would broaden the outlook of the reader. The library at Al – Fajr is a niche for our knowledge seekers with a range of books on Classic, Contemporary reads, Current affairs, adventure series as well as Islamic themes. The library also stocks reference books to help our learners to research for their projects.


We strive to impart holistic education among young minds in an Islamic environment.

The learners are imbibed in Islamic culture so that they get trained to lead an Islamic way of life.

To empower the youth to face the competitive world with the highest standard of academics as well as valued principles.

To aid the preparation for competitive exams for pursuing higher education in india, Al – Fajr introduces CBSE curriculum from the academic year 2021 – 2022. Things have been set in motion to obtain CBSE affiliation. The curriculum change will not affect the methodology of our teaching – it will remain innovative and individualistic. We at Al-Fajr not only stress on education and academics but also stress on extracurricular activities and sports to help the students excel in all fields.


What makes Al-Fajr Unique?

Al-Fajr International School established in the year 2009 has more than a decade of experience in facilitating high quality education to the learners and grooming them into responsible, aware & accountable members of the society. With a blend of Academics & Value Education, we ensure that the education imparted at our campus does not stop with the what (concept) & why (reasoning), but also focusses on the how i.e. implementation/adoption. Our teaching pedagogy promotes Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) based on Bloom’s Taxonomy.  With an excellent Teacher Student Ratio, individual focus has always been our specialty.



Year Founded



Al-Fajr is equipped with a state-of-the-art Computer Lab and the latest software to enable students to LEARN, VISUALISE & PRACTICE the much needed IT Skills such as Web Designing, Programming, Data Handling, Designing, etc.

The well-stocked library at Al-Fajr provides a quiet and tranquil environment where the students come to satiate their quest for knowledge. Keeping the young children in mind, the Library has been designed with a vibrant environment to make the reading experience enjoyable.

The library at AL-Fajr is a rich treasure trove of knowledge containing encyclopedias, reference materials, illustrated dictionaries, books on Islamic Sciences and various other disciplines to enrich the students’ learning experience.

AL-Fajr has a well-equipped laboratory for imparting practical knowledge in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The laboratory are well-stocked with sufficient specimens and instruments so that every student gets the opportunity to carry out the experiments individually. Well-qualified and experienced teachers guide the students to explore the world of science through a meticulously planned schedule of practical classes. Moreover, the safety of every student while handling the chemicals and instruments is duly taken care off.

Your Children

AL-FAJR International School implements best global practices to develop every student’s Talent, Creativity and Communication.

We also guide them by instilling Indian ancient Values, teaching essential Life Skills and developing habits ensuring complete Wellness (body, mind and soul) in life.

  • Compete with Self.
  • Practical Learning Approach.
  • Academic Research and Quality Cell.

We believe in identifying and nurturing the individual potential of each child and helping them be the first and only one of their unique kind rather than a factory-like approach where each child is considered to be same.
When a child learns to live a life rather than just passing an examination it is then that his learning becomes actually meaningful. When the desire to learn comes from within through spontaneous curiosity and internal drive then no external force is required as learning becomes a lifelong natural habit.
We study the best global practices in education that are tried, tested and validated over time and use the ones that are most suitable for our children and their environment. We don’t believe in the age-old method that have collected rust yet used religiously in most traditional settings. We believe learning is dynamic therefore we adopt and adapt as the requirements change.

Our Parents and Students Say!

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