Equal opportunity to every student

My son Afeef Adil Aleem is studying at Al-Fajr.

I would like to share my feedback about the school with you.

Afeef joined in LKG at Al-Fajr in the year (2012) and we have seen improvement in coaching every academic year. Alhamdulillah, we have trained professional faculties. We understand the faculty gives equal focus to all the students. It is great that the students get Arabic, Islamic and Hifz coaching along with the regular subjects.

Students at Al-Fajr get an opportunity to showcase their talent during the Science Day and Talent Day and they get awarded accordingly (Grade Wise). However, the school should start considering the best project of the year from the Science day/talent day event to motivate the students further.

Every parent gets an opportunity to meet faculties during to the PTM to get feedback about our children. We were happy that the students were given an opportunity last year to visit ISRO.

During the COVID -19 situation, my son is getting Hifz coaching from his respective faculty and we find it very helpful (Alhamdulillah).

I hope this feedback helps.


Ummae Salma

Parent of : Afeef Adil Aleem, Gr: VII

Excel academically without compromising your deen

Alhamdulillah Al-Fajr School is the first step to both education and Islamic knowledge for my kids and Alhamdulillah my children have gained a lot of knowledge and also have good memories of their school and we are also grateful for the way the teachers have moulded our children into very fine young ladies/men, Alhamdulillah. The challenges faced by the teachers during this process were many but they still successfully did their job. May Allah bless the teachers, Ustad and faculty for the hard work they have exerted day and night to achieve this! Barakallahufeekum!

Having been exposed to different Islamic schools in the west I am convinced that Al-Fajr is on par with them or maybe in a better level than them in many areas of education, especially in Islamic studies and the Arabic language. I would always recommend Al-Fajr to my friends and associates who would like their children to have a good Islamic environment and to excel academically without compromising on any aspect of their deen.

In sha Allah!

Umm Mariyah

Parent Of : Mariyah Abdullah, Ayisha Abdullah and Rayyan Abdullah.

Education for this world and the akhirah

Al Fajr is one of the few schools in Chennai that has both excellent academic classes as well as Islamic studies which is beneficial in this world and the akhirah. I’m also extremely happy that my son does not miss Friday prayer. The school has also helped him to shape his character. The IGCSE curriculum taught in the school has helped my son to think creatively and has also helped him develop his skills.

I’m also happy to note that the school has not neglected other various activities, which my son has participated eagerly and enjoyed and benefitted greatly. The school has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and my child is happy with the school. The school staff are helpful and supportive. I thank Allah for blessing our family with a great school which has great benefits both in this world and in the akhirah.

I hope and pray that this continues for generations to come (bi iznillah).

Umm Raaid

Parent Of: Raaid Abdullah GX (2019 Batch)

Co-operative Teachers and Management

Alhamdulillah! Proud to say that my son is studying in an Islamic environment which moulds children’s character throughout their life. Teachers and Management are co-operative and understanding with students and parents.

Umm Muzzammil G IX

Balanced academics and Islamic education

Alhamdulillah! Al-Fajr is good school for keeping a balance between academics and Islamic education. It even has good extra-curricular activities such as hadeeth and hifz competition. I am thankful for 7 years in this school.


Sadique, GX